Collapsed Trachea – Supportive Care


My Pomeranian has been coughing alot so I took him in to see the vet. My vet told me that he has a Collapsed Trachea and gave me some pills to help him. Are there any natural remedies that can help him as well?
Collapsed trachea is an anatomical issue, so care is directed at minimizing inflammation and reducing exposure to anything that exacerbates the problem.  Allergies and environmental irritants can aggravate the membranes of the trachea and cause inflammation which will make the cough worse.  Natural antihistamines and anti-inflammatory supplements such as Inflamzyme can be helpful.  If allergies are suspected as an aggravation – then Only Natural Pet Immune Balance may be beneficial.   Essential fatty acids may be useful as they reduce inflammation and nourish the cells of the tracheal lining.  Switching the diet to an allergy formula food may help some dogs, as well, by reducing the overall “allergen load” on the immune system. 
Using an air filter is also a good idea if you live in a city, smoggy area, or when pollen counts are high.  The goal is to keep inflammation at a minimum and eliminate anything that might irritate the tracheal membranes.
Dogs with collapsed trachea (or susceptibility to it – ie small dogs) should not be walked on a collar, use a harness only.

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    Rania said,

    After spaying my dog,she started having Resp. problem,the vet told me she has a moderate collapse of the trachea,she”s a toy dog,I”ve got Joulie since 2y,the vet told me,she is more than 7y,after he found a tumor in the mammary gland that has been removed & waiting for the pathology result,The main concern now is her breathing and how can i help her.

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    Alyssa said,

    My 5 lb toy poodle was just diagnosed with a collapsed trachea. The vet gave him medication that he will need to take long term. I am just nervous and wanted to hear about other families that are living with a dog with a collapsed traches. Do they function in daily life okay? What kinds of special treatment should I give him? Has anyone lost a dog due to this? Please give me your feedback, it is very important to me. Thanks so much. Alyssa.

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      Ritie said,

      My dog also has collapsed trachea (for four years). avoid rawhide treats (solid or granulated); avoid dry treats. I find frozen thin apple slices help or even a small amount of popsicle Recently ingested road salt and sent him in 24-7 cough. On low dose steroids. Weaning off. Will be trying product from Native Remedies. Tried Sinu Rite (from same company) in the spring and cough disappeared in 3 days.

      With collapsed trachea, antihistamines caused phlegm back up in throat and had severe choking for 8 hours. I avoid antihistamines and decongestants. I hope this helps. Ritie

    • 4

      Sherry Kuntzi said,

      I pray your dog is doing alright. We lost our Sadie yesterday to collasped trach. Our hearts are aching and I will pray that you and your pet are doing alright. Yorkie Lover

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